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Wayne State University

Aim Higher

School of Medicine

Resident Profiles

Khalid Ebrahim, M.D.

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University

Medical school: The Ohio state University College of Medicine.

What do you love about Detroit?

The community in detroit metro area. I love the diversity of the area and with that the variety of foods available. Any given off day, I can drive to any one of the many communities in detroit or around detroit to explore the areas restaurants and events.

What do you like about the Med/peds program?

It's fun training here! This is a program where if you make a mistake, you learn from it and then you laugh it up with the faculty and co-residents. This is the kind of environment and culture we have here. The support network here is truly unmatched. Also, the patient population here allows you to be exposed to an array of pathology and presentations. You will see disease process at the early stages to later stages of the process. To be able to be exposed to such a spectrum allows for great training during residency.