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Wayne State University

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Resident Profiles

Matthew Kohlenberg, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit

What do you like about Detroit?
I love that Detroit has a distinct flavor. It's got a rawness, edge, and realness about it, qualities which set it apart. Detroit's got character. It's landscape is studded with historical buildings that conjure a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for Detroit's prominent place in our nation's story--as The Motor City. Detroit showcases a rich artistic heritage, from the legacy of Motown music to exceptional museums like the jewel that is the D.I.A. to a world class symphony orchestra to legendary sports franchises. It is an especially auspicious time for Detroit as huge developments are being made in Downtown, Midtown, and along the Riverwalk, as well as with the construction of the M1-Rail--there's a palpable electricity about it. Above all else, the great people of Detroit are strong, perseverant, and manifest a no-quit attitude that is irresistibly contagious and makes this place hard not to root for.

What do you like about the WSU Med/Peds Program?
I always feel that I am supported by our program director and faculty who are steadfast advocates for their residents-this builds confidence and cultivates a culture for growth. I am inspired by our diverse team of residents-we are a hard-working, extremely dedicated bunch who push one another on a daily basis to become better physicians. We are stronger together than as individuals-we are truly a team-it often feels like a family. Finally, I am indebted to our program for the simple fact that it provides the opportunity for me to serve amazing patients in the city of Detroit-this is truly a privilege and high honor.

Fun fact: I was born at Hutzel Hospital-where I now do my newborn resident months-but I'm pretty sure that it was the "Old Hutzel" (different location) back then...