Abraham Husseini

Abraham Husseini

Abraham Husseini

Residency Year


Class Year

Class of 2023

Narrative Bio

Hometown: Albazouriyeh, Lebanon & Dearborn, MI

Undergraduate: University of Michigan-Dearborn; BS Chemistry & BS Biochemistry

Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Doing activities, going out to dinner, or going on trips with my wife. Hanging out with my parents or my in-laws. Watching TV and sleeping.

Why Med-Peds: Why not? You can do anything.

Why DMC/Detroit: My family and my wife’s family are here so we have no reason to go elsewhere. I also started my medical training in Detroit and wanted to continue it here. My patients teach me so much and hearing their stories gives me a different perspective on life. I am always amazed by my patients.

Career Goals: Internal Medicine and Pediatric Hospitalist, Newborn Hospitalist, Outpatient Primary and Transition of Care (pediatric patients with chronic medical problems to adult medicine)

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