Komal Mendiratta

Komal Mendiratta

Komal Mendiratta

Residency Year


Class Year

Class of 2026

Narrative Bio

Hometown: Franklin, Michigan

Undergraduate/Masters: Michigan State University

Medical School: Wayne State University

Hobbies/Interests: Spending my free time with family and friends. I love going home on the weekends to watch indian movies and eat with my parents or go lounge by the pool with my brother and sister-in-law and their pupster, Myla. I spend most of my week seeing my friends after work or spend hours catching up on FaceTime and it makes for the best memories!! Otherwise, I love traveling and try to go somewhere atleast once a month. I just got back from Greece and Mexico right before residency started and loved every minute of the sun. Now, much of my traveling is mostly for weddings since everyone around me is getting married! My friends and I are trying to plan a Europe trip when our vacations line up! When I'm not around friends or family or traveling, you probably can catch me napping, another one of my hobbies I take very seriously.

Why Med-Peds: I love being in the hospital more than outpatient but still want to learn the ins and outs of clinic, which is perfect with Med-Peds. I enjoy internal medicine to connect the dots of all the concepts we continue to learn since starting medical school and never want to give that up. But kids keep me energized, even through the hardest times, kids somehow always keep their spirits up and give us all the joy we need, and that feeling never gets old. Med-Peds gives me 4 years of experiencing everything I love about kids and adults and a ton of fellowship/job options. You can't go wrong doing Med-Peds!

Why DMC/Detroit: When my parents moved here 20 plus years ago, my dad started practicing medicine in the heart of Detroit. He loved and still loves every interaction with the community. He passed his love down to my brother, who also practices in Detroit. Its only fitting for me to continue to the tradition of giving back to the city we love and have grown up around. I plan to live here for life and want to spend my time as a physician giving back to the amazing city of Detroit, so no better way than starting my residency at DMC.

Additionally, during my rotations in medical school, I had the pleasure of working with multiple Med-Peds residents and faculty on the floor and in clinic. Every Med-Peds physician had a certain calmness and intellect to them even in the hardest situations and it was a skill I admired and desired to learn.

Career Goals: Ideally would love being a combined-hospitalist for adults and children, but it is still too soon to know if I will fall in love with a specific specialty. I am keeping my options open!


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