Lawrence Chen

Lawrence Chen

Lawrence Chen

Residency Year


Class Year

Class of 2024

Narrative Bio

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, MI

Undergraduate: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; BS Biochemistry, Honors

Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: My primary hobby at present is rock/sport climbing, and my home gym is at DYNO Detroit. I also thoroughly enjoy running, photography/videography, collecting maps, playing piano, cycling, board games (currently assembling a collection), video games, trivia, hiking, birding, rollerblading, and most recently, I took to building my own computer. Presently trying to find a ceramic studio to do some tile-making. Should this pandemic ever end, I would love to fulfill my M4 plan to visit every national park in the contiguous 48 states West of the Mississippi River and really beef up my collection of topographical maps. Until then, I’m content eating my way through all of metro Detroit’s countless restaurants.

Why Med-Peds: In all honesty? It was initially indecision between the emotional satisfaction of working with cute kids and the intellectual satisfaction of wrangling the complex medical problems adults experience, but I’ve come to learn the unique niche we hold as Med-Peds. Not only are we a bridge for adolescents and young adults, but also for their family members and other healthcare providers. Each day in this program I am more and more confident I made the right decision to come work with folks who also couldn’t let go of working with one or the other!

Why DMC/Detroit: I’ve been a life-long Michigander and Detroit has always been a hub for art, science, culture, industry, and politics. Knowing how diverse the people who live in the metropolitan Detroit area are, I’ve always been confident that I’m getting an unparalleled hands-on experience with regards to the social, economic, cultural, and yes – even pathophysiological – diversity I have the privilege of treating. As for the DMC, the people make the organization. It cannot be more obvious – from Dr. Ayers to the rest of the faculty to the residents – that everyone chose to be here and is dedicated to one another. We truly are family.

Career Goals: Presently thinking about a fellowship in pediatric cardiology, beacuse what's there not to love about baby hearts? The only thing that would make it better is to follow those hearts into adulthood and make sure they remain healthy!

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