Khush Joshi

Khush Joshi

Khush Joshi

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Hometown: Barrington Hills, IL

Undergraduate/Masters: University of Illinois at Chicago: Biochemistry and Classical Studies

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: I'm a vegetarian foodie, video game junky, and dumb meme connoisseur. I also play golf and tennis and am a die-hard Chicago sports fan, especially the Blackhawks

Why Med-Peds: I am passionate about the continuity and transition of care, esp with folks with disabilities or poly/chronic conditions as they become adult and develop themselves as a person. I've wanted to work with these awesome folks as they move onto the next stages of their lives and finding ways to live beyond dealing with their conditions.

Why DMC/Detroit: Detroit is an interesting city with lots of complexities to its history and that impacts the people that live here in various ways. As for DMC, because I really vibed with the residents and the Program leadership on my interview day. The residents here are really passionate about learning but also really look out for each other. And the Attendings here are awesome folks with a lot of interesting viewpoints on patient care beyond the EBM aspect.

Career Goals: Maybe primary care of poly/chronic patients, Allegery/Immunology or going down the cardiology hole to care for adults with congential heart defects.


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