Stephanie Yuen

Stephanie Yuen

Stephanie Yuen

Residency Year


Class Year

Class of 2023

Narrative Bio

Hometown: New York City/Northern NJ

Undergraduate: Rutgers University; BS Biological Sciences & BA History

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (it has had a gazillion names, it's the one in Newark)

Hobbies/Interests: Sleep, academic trivia that's degenerated into bar trivia, calligraphy, taking care of my houseplants, studying up on liberatory politics and the history of medicine. I used to be able to travel and then covid happened.

Why Med-Peds: Admired how driven the med-peds residents on service were when I was medical student. Interested in a bit of everything. Never understood why there was this big cut off at age 18/21 for patient's pathophysiology. And it turns out I have a med peds personality, whatever that means?

Why DMC/Detroit: Detroit is a vibrant city, simultaneously older than this country but suffused with a youthful energy. A resilient city with immigrants from all over the world and people with deep roots who choose to stay and fight to better this community. We have the Great Lakes, whatever music floats your boat, murals by Diego Rivera, food from every continent (minus Antarctica), and a supportive program from interns up to program director. We just need better pizza.

Career Goals: Deciding between adult ID and med-peds ID right now. Some mix of ID consults, adult hospitalist, and public health in the future. Maybe I'll go back and get an MA in the history of medicine or an MPH at some point when I’m not working 80 hours a week.

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