Zamaan Sohel

Zamaan Sohel

Zamaan Sohel

Residency Year


Class Year

Class of 2024

Narrative Bio

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Undergraduate: University of Illinois, Chicago; BS Mathematics and Computer Science

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, hiking, swimming, tending to our plants/garden, and exploring Detroit’s halal food scene.

Why Med-Peds: So many reasons, one being that so much of what can ail and affect us in adulthood stem from childhood environment, upbringing, habits, experiences, traumas, etc. I’ve experienced more continuity in Med-Peds in my first year than I had expected, seeing patients in clinic with whom I worked while inpatient, and already having a significant portion of my clinic patients as continuity patients.

Why DMC/Detroit: Detroit is a city with a very rich history and culture, and with many strong faith-based communities which was important for my family. The people of Detroit have also contributed so much to the nation yet are still systematically underserved, so it is an honor and an incredible learning opportunity to serve them.

Career Goals: I’m still deciding, having so many options is challenging. I initially thought I would like to specialize in GI and focus on IBD from childhood to adulthood. I’m also considering adult congenital cardiology and hospitalist medicine. I hope to be able to continue to work with both children and adults in some way.

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