Applicant information

Contact Information

DMC/WSU Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program 4201 St. Antoine Street, UHC-5C Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: 313-577-4342 Email:

Size of Intern Class: Six

Applicant Process: ERAS

Number and types of letters of recommendations: (3) letters of recommendation are required, and no more than (4) are recommended.

Application Timeline: October-January Interviews

Approach to Step 1/COMLEX Level 1: No minimum requirement.

Approach to Step 2/COMLEX Level 2: Look for improvement over previous exam.

Post-Interview Communication Policy: Contact Chief Resident or Program Coordinator with follow-up inquiries, not required.

Interview Format: Interviews will be virtual, in accordance with ACGME, AAMC and Med/Peds Program Directors’ Association consensus.

Application and Interview Season FAQ

1. When is the application deadline?

Applications are reviewed by our holistic process beginning on the date they are made available to programs via ERAS. Initial invitations are typically sent two weeks following on a date agreed upon with other Med/Peds programs.


2. Do we require the ECFMG Certificate to be qualified for an interview?

Yes for IMG applicants.


3. USMLE/COMLEX scores for Step 1 and 2 and number of attempts required?

We have no score requirements and look at exam performance as a part of the whole application package. As with any application, any breaks in training or other special situations should either be explained or addressed in some capacity.


4. To be qualified for an interview, is USMLE Step1 and 2 scores required?

Yes. We also accept COMLEX scores from US DO schools in lieu of USMLE scores.


5. Is US Clinical experience required? If yes, what is the duration?

We have no specific requirements, and look at the application as a whole, including a specific commitment to Med/Peds.


6. What visa types do you accept?

We accept only J-1 visas. Please see our GME page for specifics of Visa eligibility.


7. Do we accept IMG applicants?

We review all applications holistically, including those of eligible IMG applicants, assessing each candidate's specific commitment to Med/Peds and our program mission.


8. Does our program have a graduation year cut off?

It is preferred that applicants have graduated from medical school within the last three years at the time of applying.


9. Will the interview be in person or virtual?

Med/Peds interviews are virtual at this time.


10. Any recommendation requirements aside from 3 LORs?

We recommend that you select the 3 letters that best represent you as a candidate. No more than four letters is recommended.