Why we love Detroit

You probably already know that Detroit has more than its share of problems. However what you might not recognize is that with these problems comes possibility. People around the city and around the world are recognizing that Detroit is this unique place poised for resurgence. A place where communities can reinvent themselves while preserving a rich cultural history. A place where innovators and artists can let their imaginations run wild.  A place where regular people can come together to create change on a large scale with a lasting impact. This is a dynamic place with a palpable energy. It's an exciting thing, to live in a city that is reinventing itself.

Detroit has world class art and historical museums. It is full of superb restaurants and cool little bars. There are stunning, historic theaters and a grand opera house. Gems of the city include the beautiful River Walk and Belle Isle, a gorgeous 982-acre island park. There's Eastern Market, where you'll find up to 40,000 people on a Saturday shopping for fresh produce, flowers, and locally produced food.  Detroit is home to some great sports teams and their venues. But more importantly, Detroit is home to a spirited, diverse group of people full of hometown pride. And we would love for you to join us.  

Explore Detroit.