Our Graduates

The career paths our graduates take after completing residency are as diverse as our residents themselves.  Many go on to work in primary care or as hospitalists, while others specialize.  Whatever you decide to pursue, you can be sure that your med-peds training from Wayne State and the DMC will prepare you to tackle your future with knowledge and compassion.  Here's our most recent graduating classes and what they've gone on to do:

Class of 2023: (4) Med-Peds Primary Care, (1) Pediatric Cardiology, (1) Adult Cardiology, (1) Adult Infectious Diseases

Class of 2022: (2) Med-Peds Primary Care, (1) Adult Rheumatology, (1) Adult Hematology/Oncology, (1) Pediatric Cardiology

Class of 2021: (3) Med-Peds Primary Care, (2) Pulmonary and Critical Care

Class of 2020: (1) Chief Resident (1) Academic Fellowship (1) MICU Fellowship (2) Primary Care

Class of 2019: (3) Med-Peds Primary Care, (1) Academic Med-Peds, (1) Allergy/Immunology Fellowship

Class of 2018: (1)Outpatient HIV/STI Care, (1) Academic Med-Peds, (1) Med-Peds Chief Resident/Academic Med-Peds, (1) Pediatric Chief Resident/Primary Care, (1) Sleep Medicine Fellowship

Class of 2017: (1) HEAL Initiative (Global, Underserved Medicine) Fellowship, (1) Academic Med-Peds Fellowship, (1) Peds Chief/Pediatric Cardiology, (1) PICU Fellowship, (1) Med-Peds Chie/Academic Medicine

Class of 2016: (2) Primary Care Med-Peds, (1) Academic Med-Peds, (1) Adult Cardiology Fellowship, (1) Med-Peds Chief Resdient/Primary Care Med-Peds

Class of 2015: (1) Med-Peds Chief Resident/Academic Med-Peds (Associate Program Director), (2) Primary Care Med-Peds, (1) Primary Care for Adults/Children with Chronic Conditions of Childhood, (1) Adolescent HIV Treatment/Prevention Care, (1) Pediatric Chief Resident/Academic Peds Associate Program Director