Nirvan Shanker

Nirvan Shanker

Nirvan Shanker

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Narrative Bio

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Undergraduate/Masters: The Ohio State University

Medical School: Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Binge watching anime, annoying my friends, getting chiptole

Why Med-Peds: I have been told that I have a Medicine mind with a Pediatrician's personality, and truthfully, I cannot imagine this profession without engaging with people of all ages. Discovering that it is okay to like Internal Medicine and Pediatrics for different but strong reasons was a late realization during my time as a student, but I have never looked back.

Why DMC/Detroit: DMC offers so many opportunities for growth and learning in any conceivable direction that a resident could need, especially with all of its institutions so close together. During my interview, I felt a personal connection with faculty and current residents, which showed me that a goofball like myself would be able to thrive.

Career Goals: My goals are not set in stone, but I can forsee a future specialization in Heme/Onc or even combined hospitalist among others!

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