Med/Peds Noon Conference

smiling students"I love attending the med/peds conferences. Not only do we get to learn relevant topics, but I get to see my med/peds friends."
- Tiffany Chang, Class of 2021

In addition to attending educational lectures hosted by the categorical programs, our residents attend dedicated Med/Peds noon conferences twice weekly.  These conferences not only allow us to integrate internal medicine and pediatric topics, but they also give us multiple opportunities to reconnect as a program.  Our residents look forward to these twice-weekly sessions and consider them an important component of our program.  They are one of the reasons we are able to remain cohesive and well connected. The curriculum is centered around ambulatory and inpatient topics, and presented by residents, the chief resident, and attendings (both Med/Peds and categorical).  Regular features of conference include the Ambulatory Lecture Series, Journal Club, and the Resident Wellness Curriculum.